S. K. Een is the more romantically-inclined pseudonym of a Melbournian indie author. They’re still queer, still non-binary, still not quite conventional and still possessing of a tendency for the philosophical and the absurd. Port Carmila is the home of their works involving more men, more hooking up, more romance, more humour and more awkwardness with undead denizens.

K. A. Cook is queer, genderless, masculine-presenting, feminist, pansexual if pansexual is allowed to mean ‘everybody but most cis men’, and a chronic pain and mental illness sufferer. They’ve spent the last two years of therapy coming to the conclusion that they’re always going to be quirky, and surviving hell at least gives them something to write about. They collect things that are brightly coloured (old-school Greythorne and Tassell swap cards, fashion dolls, Sylvanian Families figurines, rubber ducks and a few vintage My Little Ponies), spend more time than is cool at op shops, sew buttons onto denim jackets, read speculative fiction and ponder the intricacies of the English language. They’re opinionated, sensitive, flaky, idealistic and haven’t yet learned how not to fucking swear.

They write about all of the above, at length, and are currently a Professional Writing and Editing student based in Melbourne, Australia, who dabbles in publication production, design and editing. They’ve been published under their real name in Platform magazine, Granite News and the It’s all about the writing anthology. They’ve designed and edited Up Close and Personal and VULJ. When they emerge from their computer, they can sometimes be found playing front-of-house at Rotunda in the West events. They’re currently working as a tutor and a production editor. K. A. will be a publisher someday, out of a desperate want to pick up a queer and non-binary genre novel (or five) that isn’t a romance. (S. K. Een thinks they’re something of a hypocrite.) In the meantime they write lesbian, feminist, transgender and non-binary/gender non-conforming short fiction, novellas and somewhat philosophical personal essay and non-fiction pieces.

They write long, rambling and vaguely philosophical personal essays at Queer Without Gender.

Their general non-fiction, short and long-form queer fiction can be found at QWG Bookshelf.


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