feeders regulars


Ares – fae, employment unknown, possibly dating Valentine. Notorious for his arrogance, telepathic seduction and devastating beauty. Not liked by breathers and the undead. His real name, like all fae names, is a deep, dark secret never handed out to breathers or undead. (Collects hot breather men.)

Louis Archambault (King) – vampire, bouncer, possibly dating Valentine. Certainly Valentine’s source of gossip when he’s out of the country. Infamous for the largest set of fangs in Port Carmila. (Has been alive for far too long to care about pathetic human definitions, seriously.)

Adam Swanston – breather, Port Carmila Council receptionist, Ares worshipper. Steve’s former high school bully and current nemesis. Possibly the most unliked/unpopular person in Port Carmila. (Gay and somewhat self-loathing; a possible recipient of a future Jack rescue plan.)

Sophie Williams – carrier-status breather, bartender. Famous for the time she brained a zombie with her backpack. Has a long-running hate for Jack, Phil and Steve owing to the time in primary school they dip-dyed her braids in paint. (She’s working at the wrong club and waiting for Thanh to pick up on her not-subtle hunts.)


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