pets, animals and creatures


Dolly: A flea-bitten Australian Pony living out on Johanna’s parents’ farm. Ridden by Steve because he’s the only one both short enough to ride her and fearless enough to not care that Dolly has two speeds: fast and faster.

Grandma Widow: a fifteen-year-old zombie redback spider living in the old hay shed on the ven Altena farm. They’ve spent fifteen years trying and failing to kill her. It was easier to just not use the shed. Every so often they lose a cat, mouse or rabbit to her bite.

Hugh: Johanna’s bay Australian Stock Horse gelding, most often ridden by Johanna or Izzy.

Muffin: Abe’s (non-feral) battered, one-eyed, black undead cat. Likes to escape the laundry, sit in front of Steve and stare in fascination at this new invading breather. It might be Steve’s possession of living brain tissue and it might just be a cat thing. One day Abe’s going to have to figure out what to do about Muffin (right now Muffin is permanently banned from the kitchen and lounge room/forced to live in the laundry and a cat run in the backyard) but given how many perfectly-sweet zombie animals get dismembered and burned because people want living pets, he’s reluctant to choose his boyfriend over his cat.

Snookums: Bob’s animal of mysterious species and provenance. Nobody is quite sure what it is. Nobody is sure they even want to know.



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