port carmila emergency services


Gregorio Aldebrandi (Greg, next-door-Greg) – carrier-status breather, paramedic, Debra and Akihiko’s next-door neighbour. Just edges out Aggie Skipton for the title of Town Gossip. Claims to have been called to every house in Port Carmila. Lacks something in professionalism. Possibly adopted by his neighbours. (Saving stupid zombie hunters takes a lot of time and effort, so he’ll hang shit on Steve now and worry about dating later.)

Ida Roberts (Doc Roberts) – carrier-status breather, ED doctor. Unfortunately American but considered a good sort despite that fluke of birth. Knows the gang quite well for the sheer amount of times she’s patched them up. Voted Port Carmila’s favourite doctor by the hunter regulars of Serif’s Shotgun for the past five years running.

Agnes Skipton (Aggie) – breather, switchboard operator, creator of infamous clay pigs and the pig statues on the main drag. Widely known for being the worst switchboard operator in Australia. (No, she doesn’t regret not marrying anyone.)

Robert van Altena (Other Robert) – carrier-status breather, desk jockey at the Port Carmila Police Station, Johanna’s older brother. The object of Steve’s well-known but seldom-mentioned crush in high school.


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