port carmila locals


Benjamina Bakersfield – severed zombie head, guardian of the breakwater, town mascot. Founder of Port Carmila due to an accidental boat sinking in Port Carmila’s bay. Notorious for laying shit on locals and tourists alike. Henry’s best friend. (She’s a fucking severed head, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy looking at everyone who passes her bollard.)

Michael and Lisa Johnston (Mike and Lisa) – zombies, Deb and Akihiko’s next-door neighbours. Mike is currently a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster but open to a religion that better suits him. He keeps losing his arm. Lisa works in zombie outreach services. (They’re shacked up in happy heterosexual bliss and planning to adopt zombie children.)

Billie Kennedy (Bill) – breather, Steve’s boss. Owns Bill’s Books. Employs Steve and Thanh less for their customer service skills than for their ability with weapons. Possibly a little overzealous when it comes to demonstrating a queer-inclusive workplace. (A working mum hasn’t got time for men or women, so right now she’ll live vicariously through her employees.)

Sian MacGillycuddy (old Sian MacGillycuddy) – carrier-status breather, Abe’s neighbour, gardener, zombie hunter. Volunteers at the Port Carmila Atheist Society Shop of Opportunity and hands out flyers promoting atheism, much to Mike Johnston’s annoyance. Famous for her English-style garden and her proficiency with edged weapons, despite her advancing age. (She likes men, thank you very much, but poor dears like Abe can’t help being born the way they are.)

Lee McGillivray – carrier-status breather, retired zombie hunter. Holds the record for the most number of call-outs by Port Carmila paramedics. (Has been crushing on old Sian MacGillycuddy for five years but is yet to make a move.)

Jorgen Mikaelsson (Uncle Jorgen) – zombie, Phil’s uncle, Port Carmila’s best-known mechanic. Employs Rob (not Other Robert).

Thanh Huy Phan – carrier-status breather, Steve’s co-worker. Owns Port Carmila’s largest machete collection. (Is working up the nerve to ask out Sophie Williams.)

David Watkins (Dave) – breather, sales-assistant, Henry’s boyfriend. Port Carmila isn’t his home, but it should be, undead and all. Future get-away-driver when the group gets too big to fit in the one car. (Trying to figure out sexuality when you’re trans, as he sees it, is a bit of a mind-fuck.)

Henry Wu – vampire, surfing instructor, Dave’s girlfriend. She’s struggling to deal with coming out post-death and spends a lot of her time talking to Benjamina about gender and life after death. No, she doesn’t want to change her name, although she still has to come out as trans first. Waiting for Steve to notice and sweep her up into a brazen plan to shake up her life. (Straight. Ish?)


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