the browning family


Abraham Browning (Abe) – vampire, town planner, Steve’s boyfriend. Son of Algernon and Lucy Browning. Likes dress shirts, clean shoes and the city, but moved to Port Carmila to get away from ignorant breathers and his family. Is afflicted with a chronic but not wholly-unreasonable anxiety that has an awful lot to do with the existence of Great-Aunty Lizzie. Prefers to spend his evenings in working way through the Western surrealist literary canon. Has a deep and abiding hate for Bram Stoker and the vast majority of Gothic and paranormal literature; he loves talking to Steve about these things. He still doesn’t know why he’s dating Steve in the first place. (He’s so gay that Steve’s attraction to women is downright confusing and Steve’s increasing tendency to dress like a woman is a little confronting, but it’s not so confronting he won’t roll with it.)

Algernon and Lucy Browning – breathers, Abe’s parents, Valentine’s aunt and uncle. Algernon is Lilibet’s son and Elspeth, Beth and Edmund’s brother. They both have an unfortunate tendency to agree with everything Great-Aunty Lizzie says, now that Abe is a vampire.

Beth Browning (Aunt Beth) – vampire, Abe’s father’s older sister. Spends a lot of time saying provocative things on Facebook. (Notoriously single post turning, most likely because Great-Aunty Lizzie has made her afraid to date anyone.)

Edmund and Anandi Browning (Uncle Edmund and Aunt Anandi) – breathers, Valentine’s parents, Abe’s uncle and aunt. Edmund is brother to Elspeth, Beth and Algernon.

Elspeth (formerly Clifton) Browning and Rhonda de Vries (Aunt Elspeth and Aunt Rhonda) – breathers, Bob’s estranged mothers. Devoted queer equality activists. The only ones in the family to find Valentine’s gifts amusing and useful. (Have been in a relationship together for nearly twenty years.)

Lilibet Browning (Grandma Lilibet) – breather; Abe, Valentine and Bob’s grandmother; Elspeth, Beth, Edmund and Algernon’s mother; Betty and Tetty’s sister. Most often hosts family gatherings at her house in Melbourne.

Valentine Browning – carrier-status breather, Abe’s cousin, sociologist specialising in breather-merfolk relations. Edmund and Anandi’s son. A trans man formerly known as Leanna Browning who will and does bloody faces if anyone calls him ‘Val’. Widely known in the Browning family for brash outspokenness, the giving of inappropriate gifts and the ‘ethical slut’ philosophy. May be the only one in the last hundred years who has stood up to Great-Aunty Lizzie. (Monogamy is a strange and bizarre thing; he keeps framed pictures of the omnisexual god Captain Jack Harkness on his bedside table.)

Elizabeth Mary Winters-Browning (Aunt Elizabeth, Great-Aunty Lizzie) – vampire, Browning family matriarch, Abe’s great-aunt-several-times-removed, Abe’s sire. She and her breather daughter were transported to Australia in the early 1800s. She possesses and enforces many opinions about vampire-breather relations while governing the family with iron fangs – which are second in impressiveness only to Louis. Is the author of a long and convoluted family history. (A lady does not speak about her sexual inclinations, including that one time she seduced her husband’s mistress. Has been single for the last hundred and fifty years.)

Rodbertus Clifton (Bob) – breather, Abe’s long lost cousin, Elspeth’s son, employment status unknown. Owns an animal of mysterious species called Snookums. Looking for a place to crash. Forgets and confuses names. (Like Abe was going to talk to him long enough to find out anything else useful about him.)

Tetty (nee Browning) and Anatolius Gorecki (Aunt Tetty and Uncle Anatolius) – breathers, retired. Tetty is Lilibet and Betty’s sister. Tetty is currently challenging Lizzie’s long-established family history. Both of them bother Abe for the touching thing he will not explain or talk about. (Married for fifty-nine years and planning their 60th anniversary.)

Isa Browning (Great-Grandma Isa) – vampire. Mother of Tetty, Lilibet and Betty. Likes sewing. Tries to avoid as much of the family as possible.

Betty (nee Browning) Reynolds (Aunt Betty) – breather, deceased. Tetty and Lilibet’s sister. Infamous only because Valentine came out at her funeral.


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