the nakamura family


Aiko Nakamura – breather, Aunt Keiko’s daughter, Akihiko’s niece, Steve’s cousin. Collects erotic yaoi manga and mails it to Steve. (Has been seen about town in the company of cute girls and guys. She doesn’t expect to outgrow this.)

Akihiko Nakamura (Chichi, Aki, Sensei) – breather, Steve’s father, Deb’s husband, high-school teacher. Moved to Australia mostly to escape his grandfather. Quiet, has a habit of throwing gratuitous Japanese into his sentences so his former students don’t forget what they learnt, sometimes overwhelmed by the strangeness that is Port Carmila. The only person in Port Carmila, besides Steve, who didn’t know Steve isn’t straight, but accepting once he’s had time to chew on the idea. (He’s so straight that Steve’s attraction to men is downright confusing.)

Debra Nakamura (Mum, Deb, Sergeant Nakamura) – carrier-status breather, Steve’s mother, Akihiko’s wife, field officer in the Port Carmila Police Zombie Patrol Division. Infamous for a broad smile, the birthday dare of placing Benjamina’s head on the mayor’s desk and the highest feral kill record in Port Carmila history. Often works with Johanna. When she’s not hunting zombies she watches footy with Greg. (She’s straight and happily married, mostly because she never really thought about it until now.)

Keiko Nakamura (Aunt Keiko) – breather, Akihiko’s sister, Steve’s aunt. Soba’s long-suffering carer. Has no idea her daughter reads erotic yaoi manga and posts it to her Australian nephew.

Ryou Nakamura (Soba) – breather, Akihiko’s father, Steve’s grandfather. Thinks himself the Nakamura family patriarch. Infamous for a hatred of technology and struggles with the usage of a radio. Oddly comfortable with the fact that his Australian grandson is pansexual. Gives Aiko money for the buying of her erotic yaoi manga.

Hayley Williamson – breather, Deb’s niece, Steve’s cousin. Is downright afraid of any cousin who answers the door with a wakizashi in hand. Does not plan to get in contact with her aunt’s family.


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