the zombie hunters of port carmila


Isbel Foster (Izzy) – zombie, historical reenactment specialist, seamstress, Johanna’s girlfriend. Has the usual zombie trait of sensing other zombies. Born in the 1820s, died in the 1850s, spent the next hundred and fifty years hiding out in the bush around Port Carmila trying to avoid feral zombies and breathers alike; now works in the Port Carmila Historical Society and with Lisa Johnston in zombie outreach while she tries to catch up on the last century. Is a surprisingly deft hand with a spear. (She is eternally relieved that in the twenty-first century it is absolutely permissible to dance with another woman.)

Philip Mikaelsson (Phil) – carrier-status breather, mechanic. Jack’s sidekick in plots, schemes and laying shit on his best mates. Loves sport fishing. Is the only member of the group to escape any kind of psychiatric diagnosis/treatment, and consequently the subject of a great many bets as to how long that will last. Rubs in the fact that he drinks real vodka. Usually employed with Jack to provide cover for Johanna. (Is truly Jack’s heterosexual life partner, but has a strange merfolk fetish going on that he can’t quite get over.)

Steve Nakamura (Akira-san) – carrier-status breather, journalism student in Sydney, part-time sales assistant/bodyguard at Bill’s Books, Abe’s boyfriend. On medication/in treatment for insomnia, agoraphobia and PTSD. Allergic to vampire venom and zombie saliva; rather cavalier about the fact that contact with such things results in anaphylaxis. Likes horse-riding, rock-climbing, abseiling and any extreme sport with an adrenaline rush – but also blazers and hair gel. Legal name is Steve, not Steven. Notorious for a certain lack of conformity to gender as a binary concept and has become all the less conformist now he’s come out as pansexual. Usually takes over the driving when on a hunt. (Very pansexual but resists labels just to fuck with people. Pondering pronouns.)

John Rigby (Jack) – carrier-status breather, fisherman, part-time hunter, unofficial leader of the group. On medication for depression. Has an inexplicable need to meddle in the lives of everyone he knows, usually by use of the birthday dare tradition. This usually ends up for the better. Most likely gets off on the execution of ridiculously convoluted plots. Pairs up with Phil in laying down cover for Johanna. Has been banned from driving by the rest of the group for the time he crashed Steve’s ute in the old quarry. (Straight, but pushing the limits of ‘heterosexual life partners’ when it comes to Phil. If he doesn’t find a girl by the time he’s forty, he’ll probably marry Phil anyway.)

Johanna van Altena (Yo, Patroller van Altena) – carrier-status breather, one of Debra’s hunters in the Port Carmila Zombie Patrol Squad, post-grad student, Izzy’s girlfriend. In treatment for PTSD. Has taken out the gong for best marksman at the last four Port Carmila Agricultural Shows and has the highest feral kill record of any junior patroller in the PCZPS. Owns horses out on her parents’ farm. Is currently writing her history thesis on the development of Port Carmila with Izzy and Benjamina’s help. She’s Steve’s best mate and, before Abe, his first port of call in any vaguely-academic discussions. Her name is pronounced ‘Yo-hahn-na’ in true Dutch tradition. (She’s so much a dyke she doesn’t know why it took her so long to figure it out.)


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