Launch: Death is Only a Theoretical Concept

Before I go about posting the short stories and vignettes in the Port Carmila world, it’s important to start at the beginning, so here’s the story that started everything, revised and glammed-up with a shiny new cover!

(If you want rambling on humour and friendship in narrative, go look at the other blog.)

DioaTC_Cover_v14Vendors: free via Smashwords (all formats, but Smashwords PDF is not recommended; please download mine below), Kobo, Apple (epub)
Epub ISBN: 9781311283115

Purchase: Amazon: US ( $.99) and AU ($1.11) (AZW for Kindle)

Download: PDF

Word count: 26 000 words (plus bonus vignette)

Note: Yet another present-tense book. This is an extremely revised and extended version of the original story, which is still up on my old LiveJournal should anyone care to Google. (I don’t recommend it: this edition has more awesome ladies and far fewer comma faults.) Please don’t expect them to be all that similar beyond plot: the original was written before I knew the characters all that well, and it shows. Also, it is my intention that Death be a free read everywhere, but Amazon won’t allow me to do it.

Credits: Cover typeset in Idolwild by Vector zombie image by OpenClips. Much gratitude to the old LiveJournal gang for their brilliant levels of encouragement, enthusiasm and commentary. Continue reading