content advisory


As a writer and a reader who has triggers, I want to further the practice of content advisories in published fiction. I certainly believe in giving readers the ability to make the best possible choices about the media they consume, and as a producer of media I need to be part of that dialogue.

(Here are my thoughts on including trigger warnings/content advisories and trigger warning practice.)

This blog features stories written by a swear-happy Australian who writes swear-happy Australian characters who tend to lay loving shit on their friends and family. Said stories may or may not contain reclaimed or gently-mocking slurs and Australian slang. They will contain gratuitous uses of the word ‘fucking’ among many other non-misogynistic curse words. It’s probably best to not read anything Steve thinks, says or narrates at work. (Or Greg, Johanna, Valentine … actually, anyone.) I will not, at any point in time, post story-specific content warnings for swearing: as a working-class Australian living in a country where swearing is far more acceptable, it feels far too close to warning for my dialect. (Seriously, fuck that. And fuck the bullshit idea that my language is as a result of a lack of eloquence or education. Fuck attitudes that slurs like ‘lame’ or ‘bitch’ are acceptable but ‘fuck’ isn’t.) I will post content warnings for use of slurs, of course!

I write about diverse queer characters who have, as much as I can depict it, the full experience of being a queer person in the world. Stories may or may not contain depictions of or references to fantastical racism (lifeism), racism, misogyny, homophobia (internalised and otherwise), transphobia, magic-as-sexual-assault, sexual assault, violence, mental illness, oppression. I will warn for this in individual stories.

I’m not an erotica writer and don’t anticipate writing explicit sex scenes, but my characters will engage in open and explicit discussions of sex, sexuality, safe sex, sexual desires and sexual practice/experience. (This is why.) It’s probably best not to read anything I write at work! I won’t post story-specific warnings for this because I am thoroughly against Western society’s habit of blanketing sexual discussion in a notion of inappropriateness.

The Port Carmila stories will contain an utter and flagrant disregard for Australia’s current gun laws (and, at times, basic gun safety). They’re written by a child of a sporting shooter who has a more casual approach to firearms than many Aussies, quite aside from the fact Steve and company live in a town plagued by feral zombies. Please consider this your one-off warning on the subject (otherwise I’d be warning for this from here to the end of time).

I hope this little detour helps you engage in my writing as safely as you can.


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