tourist information guide


Welcome to Port Carmila, population 15, 725. Half that count isn’t even human, and that’s not including feral zombies, ghouls and ghosts, mostly because they don’t stand still long enough for counting. It’s a melting pot of the living, the immortal, and the dead … where death means you still have to pay the rent, the merfolk are experts in tax evasion, everybody hates the corny Dead Centre of Australia T-shirts sold at the tourist information centre, and the local police encourage you to carry a weapon at all times, regardless of legality. Sometimes the zombies aren’t your much-loved next-door neighbours…

The Port Camila stories are a collection of short, absurd queer romances about the trials and tribulations of being a zombie-virus carrier (with an allergy to vampire venom) trying out a relationship with an anxious vampire (with a domineering undead great aunt) and a supporting cast not limited to a severed head, a crocheting surfer vampire and a bunch of living and undead queer guys, girls and people trying to figure out how to survive small town life.



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