novelettes and novellas

Death is Only a Theoretical Concept

DioaTC_Cover_v14When Steve Nakamura is dared—after a long-standing Port Carmila tradition—to seduce a vampire in return for his birthday present, he thinks it will be easy. Scrub up, find a hot undead girl who won’t care that he’ll start shambling the moment he stops breathing, kiss her, earn enough money for a new car stereo. Simple, if he doesn’t mind losing a little blood in the process. The cute and anxious Abe Browning, however, is surely undead and just as surely not a girl, and, as it turns out, that’s the last thing Steve needs to worry about when it comes to hooking up with vampires…

Vendors: free via Smashwords (all formats, but Smashwords PDF is not recommended; please download mine below), Kobo, Apple (epub)
Epub ISBN: 9781311283115

Purchase: Amazon: US ( $.99) and AU ($1.11) (AZW for Kindle)

Download: PDF

Word count: 26 000 words (plus bonus vignette)

Note: Intended as a free read, but I am unable to place it on Amazon as such. Please consider it a small donation towards my ability to keep writing about zombie cows and anxious vampires…

Whatever Great-Aunty Lizzie Says

WGALScover_6For Steve Nakamura, the high summer days at Port Carmila with his best mates and new boyfriend should have been a breeze. Sure, there’s tourists, ferals, immunologists and an overzealous ally boss to be navigated, not to mention Abe’s anxiety over touching, but there’s nothing to stop him from figuring out how to sleep with Abe and keep on breathing at the same time—until a vampire in a frock coat turns up at Abe’s door.

For Abe Browning, Great-Aunty Lizzie is a harridan in heels who claims vampire-breather relationships are inherently doomed, but, worse than that, Steve doesn’t seem to care that he’s putting his life at risk when it comes to Abe and the zombie hunt. What is an anxious vampire supposed to do when Steve’s recklessness makes Great-Aunty Lizzie’s objections all the more rational? Breaking up with Steve should solve the problem, so why can’t Abe stand the very thought?

Why did no one ever mention that the hardest part of dating a breather has nothing to do with blood or immortality?

Coming soon!


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