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The College of Magickery

Professor March, professional thief of elvish antiquities, just wants a hot boyfriend who can handle students, flying monkeys, the power of alliteration, weekly assassination attempts and the mysterious Professors Roxleigh. Erondil, professional elvish princeling, wants to reclaim his father’s honour by assassinating said thieving professor. Darius, nearly-professional magician crushing on said professor, decides to buy, steal or otherwise acquire a talking sword to round out March’s antiquities collection and gain his undying gratitude. Amelia March, professional cat-thrower and less-than-professional witch, would rather not have anything to do with her cousin at all, but he just happens to live next door to the gorgeous (and single) Lady Plumeria (who doesn’t creep unannounced into her house after dark). Put down your dictionaries and get ready for a class excursion in this tangle of fantastical queer short fiction gone absurd.

Short Stories

Certain Eldritch Artifacts: Darius, a young trans magician, travels the world in search of the right talking sword, and, with any luck, Professor March’s attention. The talking sword, however, has plans for Darius that don’t involve going home and seducing his former teacher…

Old-Fashioned: Amelia March just wants a woman to romance her the old-fashioned way. Why is that too much to ask?

‘Certain Eldritch Artefacts’ and ‘Old-Fashioned’ are available as free reads in the collection Crooked Words.

Two Guys, a Dog and a Ciscentric Universe

It’s complicated being an anxious guy with a rambunctious German Shepherd and a compulsive need to line shoes up straight and alphabetise the pantry. Life is a bit more complicated, or so Jay thinks, when his taciturn boyfriend turns out to be a closet slob. Dating is excessively complicated when Jay’s birth certificate fails to mention his gender … and his boyfriend makes all sorts of assumptions about who Jay is and what he wants. Or is it really that complicated at all?

Short, contemporary glimpses in what it means to be dating and living trans.


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