vignettes and short stories

Three Live Mice (and Other Undead Tales)

TLMcover_4Figuring out life with an allergic breather datefriend, as far as Abe Browning is concerned, makes for an interesting summer. He doesn’t quite count, however, on long-lost cousins, not-so-lost cousins, a horde of suspiciously-named aunts, the perils of zombie possums, Port Carmila locals with Atheist Society leaflets and the mysterious, unidentifiable Snookums … not to mention Steve’s growing collection of sparkling high heels. How the hell is a boring vampire supposed to survive life in a not-at-all-boring Port Carmila?

A not-yet-published collection of short Port Carmila fiction. Stories will be posted here when edited and later compiled as an ebook.

Shoes Fit for a Queen: Most of Johanna’s friends don’t ask if they can try on her shoes as a postscript to coming out of the closet. Most of Johanna’s friends, however, aren’t Steve.

Three Live Mice: Abe gets a shock when his new boyfriend Steve asks him to pick up some mice from the local feed store.

For Your Own Safety, Call First: There’s always a risk inherent in just dropping by someone’s door at Port Carmila. Especially when that door happens to be answered by the zombie-hunting Steve Nakamura.

(Follow on from Death is Only a Theoretical Concept.)

For Your Own Safety, Lock the Door: A long-lost cousin on his doorstep should have been a good distraction from Steve’s misadventures with a zombie tiger snake, except that Abe’s pretty sure he doesn’t have a cousin called Bob Clifton. Great-Aunty Lizzie would never let a relative escape her claws. Right?

(Follows on from For Your Own Safety, Call First; sets up Whatever Great-Aunty Lizzie Says.)

For Your Own Safety, Avoid Facebook: Valentine Browning is happy to welcome the long-lost Bob Clifton into his house, especially if it ruffles Lizzie’s feathers at the next family barbeque. The Browning family, however, is far too busy talking about Abe to even notice Snookums, never mind Bob or Valentine…

Death Waits: Abe opens up about the day he became a vampire.

(Follow on from Whatever Great-Aunty Lizzie Says.)


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